Project Information

  • Makada Web Design Delwood Group Client

Delwood Group Website Creation

Project Description
Our task was creating a website from scratch for Delwood Group. Before our website building, they did limited marketing and company branding. Our team made sure to create social profiles, generate quality content, and make it relevant to our client. Delwood Group offers premium services in the construction industry. We made sure to describe the client in the most effective way we could.
Project Strategy
As most people know, the construction industry is saturated with different marketing strategies. Displaying the multitude of services Delwood Group offers was our goal.
Project Challenge
Develop a marketing plan for Delwood Group that displays all their services and reaches each target audience. From having limited online presence, we were challenged with growing the brand’s image.
  • Website Renovation
  • Creation of 75+ Social Accounts
  • GMB Development
Project Results
Through quality content creation and effective strategizing, we developed a solid plan for our client. We knew the website needed to display what the company is all about. We created pages, utilized social accounts we created, and optimized their GMB page. All these tactics, along with a few others, helped with the image and branding of Delwood Group.