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Project Information

  • Makada Web Design PhysioLinks Clinic Client

PhysioLinks Clinic Rankings

Project Description
This project had a few ares we wanted to target. We wanted to complete a website renovation and boost SEO rankings for this client. PhysioLinks Rehab Clinic was already a reputable client in Burlington, ON but needed help with digital marketing. Our team of link builders and design experts knew the best way to drive in more traffic. Since we started working with them in September 2022, our goal was to get them ranking higher on Google organic search and Google Maps.

Project Strategy
The physiotherapy industry is competitive, especially in a populated town like Burlington. We knew that doing competitor research would help us find an opportunity for a potential competitive advantage. Once we increased the client’s brand exposure, we knew that we needed to focus on Google reviews. In this specific industry, new customers look at testimonials and value them highly. Based on our experience, we knew more Google reviews, meant higher Google maps rank.

Project Challenge
Competing with well-established businesses that have already been doing SEO for years. It’s not an easy ask to have a client bulldoze their way to the top of a search engine without any prior SEO. Yet, we still developed a plan that we felt would benefit this client the best.

  • Identify the Best Keywords to Rank For
  • Install Google Reviews Widget
  • Create Content Best Suited for Customers

Project Results
Through extensive keyword research and competitor analysis, we knew our plan was effective. The website content created helped the brand image of PhysioLinks Clinic greatly. They relied on us to better communicate their company goals to new customers. We made sure to make the website appealing to new potential clients. We created pages, social accounts, and optimized their GMB page. All these tactics, along with a few others, helped with the company’s rankings.