search engine optimization

Project Information

  • Makada Web Design Golden Triangle DKI Client

Golden Triangle DKI Rankings

Project Description
Our task was building the GTRS brand up and raising their SEO rankings. Before this project, Golden Triangle DKI did not have any SEO for their website. Since we started working with them in August 2022, our goal was to get them ranking higher on Google organic search and Google Maps.

Project Strategy
After doing competitor research, we found the restoration industry to be competitive. GTRS specializes in many services. Water damage, fire and smoke, and mold damage restoration are some of the popular ones. Our goals were to rank high on Google and increase brand exposure at the same time.

Project Challenge
Ranking GTRS at the top of Google for major keywords relevant to their popular services. Some of the keywords we focus ranking for are:

  • Mold Removal Cambridge
  • Water Damage Restoration Cambridge
  • Fire and Smoke Restoration Cambridge

Project Results
Through extensive keyword research and competitor analysis, we developed a strategy for GTRS. We knew the website content needed to clearly display the goals of the company. We created pages, utilized social accounts we created, and optimized their GMB page. All these tactics, along with a few others, helped with the company’s rankings.