search engine optimization

Project Information

  • Makada Web Design True North Restoration Client

True North Restoration Rankings

Project Description
In regards to rankings, we needed a plan that would bring this client the most business. After identifying the target market the client wanted, we created content based on customer search patterns. There was a lack of reviews, and GMB optimization. Fixing both those areas would benefit any company’s Google Maps rankings.

Project Strategy
Post pictures, testimonials, updates, and other content to help the GMB page. The client hadn’t done any updates on location, hours of operation, or specific services offered. This can generate a little confusion on the customer’s end. We ensured that the GMB page was optimized and was clear to any potential new customers.

Project Challenge
One major challenge was introducing SEO to a company for the first time and competing with industry leaders. It’s difficult establishing an online presence in a short period of time. SEO is a timely process that can take months to put in place and see results for. This client was well aware of the process and knew this was a solid long-term solution for their marketing goals.

  • Optimize GMB Page
  • Target Market Keyword Patterns
  • Content Generation for Each Service

Project Results
True North Restoration is now ranking well organically and in Google Maps. Thanks to the GMB and website optimization, the content used helped rank the company high. Now, True North Restoration is enjoying a prime search result positioning.