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Hands-On Roofing Web Creation

Project Description
Hands-On Roofing Co. had a simple website set up for their business. We reached out to them about making it more modern and updated. The owner showed interest and wanted to be more competitive in the roofing industry.

Project Strategy
There are many roofing companies in Guelph have implementing SEO for years. Competing right away with these companies was a challenge. SEO is a long-term process that won’t happen overnight. Our strategy was to create pages and backlinks to try and get as much keyword traffic as possible.

Project Results
We managed to rank this client in the top 10 for major roofing keywords in less than 6 weeks. We improved their leads and gave them more opportunities to pick and choose the jobs they wanted. In summary, the client was pleased and knew this was going to be a lucrative partnership.