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SEO Services Scarborough

With every successful brand comes a powerful online presence. Our web design Scarborough team helps promote your brand successfully and gives you an appealing design.

Equally important to web design is content creation. Our digital marketing services team provides content that's relevant to your industry. We spend weeks researching which content resonates with potential customers and we create content accordingly.

One of the last steps in the SEO process is making sure the content and information on the website are optimized. Our search engine optimization team alters the content to make sure potential customers are searching for these keywords and information.

SEO Services Scarborough

SEO Services Scarborough

What Can SEO Do For You?

With paid advertising being increasingly more costly year after year, businesses turn to SEO for a sustainable form of marketing. By saying sustainable, we mean that our prices for SEO services are fixed costs and allow you to have more consistent results than other forms of marketing. When our team take your pages to the top of Google, we are then tasked with maintaining the results. Keeping you there involves a lot of work, but the exposure you get is worth the investment. With SEO, fighting for high search rankings is the name of the game. The professionals at Makada Web Design are capable of boosting your business's online exposure greatly.

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What Do Great SEO Results Look Like?

After partnering with Makada Web Design, you receive newly renovated website pages. These pages have content created, relevant keywords, and on-page optimization to help rank high in search results.

One of the most effective ways of getting noticed online is ranking in the Google Map Pack. There are the top 3 relevant companies for the specific search done by someone. For example, if a potential customer searches for "roofers near me" 3 companies will populate for them, and getting into that top 3 is quite difficult.

Equally as important to generating organic traffic is first page rankings. Ranking on the first page, paired with being in the Google Map pack is a great way to generate a lot of new leads. Our company has taken many clients to new levels by optimizing their content for search engines.

If your pages are struggling to rank at first, that is okay. We create 100+ social accounts to help pump out relevant content on your business. Often, we will get multiple accounts ranking for keywords appropriate to your industry. Our marketing tactics will flood search engines with your brand and content so new customers are increasingly more exposed to your services.

SEO Services Scarborough
SEO Services Scarborough

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SEO Scarborough Strategy

Our SEO services Scarborough strategy is generally similar across the industries our clients belong to. We prioritize content creation and getting as much relevant information on each page as possible. We have to be calculated with the keywords we use, so keyword research is important. The last thing we want our clients to be is unprofessional, so we make sure the content is appealing, keywords aren't being stuffed, and the UX is well done. UX is the user experience and this involves how easy a website is to navigate through. We ensure the linking and navigation throughout the website is perfect. With quality content, keyword usage, backlinking, and guest posting, our process produces high search results and great business for our clients.


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