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WordPress Website Design Mississauga

Ready to improve your online presence? Our web design team helps create the perfect website that shows your company off the best.

If you have a website that need a little updating, we're the team for you. Keeping your website up to date and improving your look online helps with conversions and increasing clientele.

We also handle your Google my business and SEO rankings. Local SEO is key to getting your name out there for customers in your hometown. If you need an SEO company Mississauga, call for a free quote!

WordPress Website Design Mississauga

Web Design & SEO in Mississauga

How Does This Help Your Business?

A lot of companies overlook the impact of search engine optimization and website design. There are many factors to why web design and SEO are a key contributor to online sales for a business. If a potential customer is having trouble on your website, chances are they will leave and you miss out on a sale. Yet, businesses still ignore investing in website design, despite the impact it has on generating conversions. Today, businesses focus on online sales and the importance of positioning in search rankings. If your company provides a service and has a lot of competition, SEO is a great way to even the playing field. If you want to know more about the significance of web design and SEO, contact out team today!

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Digital Marketing in Mississauga

Thinking of a Website Renovation? Don't Fall Behind

Investing in your brand is key to having a competitive advantage, no matter the industry. If you offer services, a lot of the time customers look for a good website, reviews, and proper branding to build trust. At Makada Web Design, we make sure you stand out from the rest. SEO, digital marketing, and branding are key components from establishing yourself online. If your business needs an online boost, we are the team to handle the situation.

Having a website that moves fluently is incredibly important. There's nothing worse than a poor user experience when a customer wants to take action. Our job is to ensure there are no obstacles in the way of you growing your businesses online. We want to encourage customers to take action on your website. 

We create all the content needed to make your website perfect. New pictures, relevant phrases and information in your given industry, and link building is key. You want all your social accounts connected as you can get leads in many different ways. Our content creators help make pictures, videos, and other graphics for your brand.

Off-page optimization is important for boosting your rankings. Without link buildings, it's hard for Google to understand that you're a top brand. If you are a smaller or newer business that doesn't have an online presence yet, SEO is the best way to get your competing right away.

WordPress Website Design Mississauga
WordPress Website Design Mississauga

WordPress Website Design Mississauga

Why Makada Web Design?

Digital marketing is a necessary investment. If you are not prioritizing your online presence you will fall behind. Makada Web Design ensures that your brand is put in front of the right target audience. SEO is ideal for maximizing your marketing budget. With Google, Facebook, an TikTok advertising increasing in price, it't not the most sustainable option for marketing. Although effective in the short term, our SEO experts encourage you to generate organic traffic as it remains consistent in the long-run. Are you ready to take the next step for your business?


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My company was new to the roofing industry and needed SEO help. This team not only gave me a

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