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If you are a new business located in Ottawa, having a website brings many advantages. Whether you offer services or are an e-commerce store, a website is crucial for communicating your brand. See our web design services today for a free quote!

Often, businesses have a website but it's not current. Having relevant content and information on your website helps win over new clients. If you feel that your website is outdated, it may be time for a renovation.

Our local SEO services are the best in Ontario. Whether you're a large corporation or a small start-up, we're the best option for digital marketing. With any website design project comes brand new content. Our team is committed to giving you top-quality graphics and content for your website.

Web Design Ottawa

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Why Consider Web Design Services?

A company investing in web design Ottawa services will stand out amongst competitors. In many industries, having a strong online presence is what sways a potential customer from choosing one business over another. At Makada Web Design we prioritize the SEO rankings, content creation, and overall website design of your business. Not only do we want more traffic on your website, but we want it visually appealing too. Our digital marketing staff knows efficient ways to get your business booming and having more brand exposure. In order to fight for these new clients your company needs to work on positioning in search rankings. Our web developers know how to properly research keywords and implement them on your website strategically. Leave it to our team to skyrocket your company and improve leads, conversions, and brand awareness!

Web Development Ottawa

What Results Should You Expect?

SEO and web design services do not perfect overnight. Our team needs time to get you the best design for your brand possible. On top of that, we need to properly implement keywords so you are populating on search engine results. At Makada Web Design, we give clients the best interactive website for users, and add a touch of SEO to give your brand that boost it needs for improving leads!

One of the main struggles for websites is getting traffic. Many business owners feel the need to jump to paid ads to get any traffic on their website. Yet, Makada Web Design offers SEO services that guarantees first page results and a major increase in traffic.

Once we get customers to your website, how do we get them to stay? Simple. We create unique and relatable content that helps their wants and needs. Chances are, a potential customer is on your website to take action. Which means we need to make the content as eye-catching as possible and minimize the obstacles in the action taking process.

With great content, informative graphics, and an amazing user experience, our team can take your website to the top of search rankings. We have many clients in multiple industries that have seen the results we produce. If you are looking to improve web traffic, get a beautiful re-design, and stand out online, then we are the team for you. We even offer local SEO services for businesses looking to improve their clientele in their area!

Web Design Ottawa
Web Design Ottawa

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What Does Our Web Design Company Offer?

Makada Web Design offers a variety of digital marketing services tailored to the needs of each client. We provide website renovations and website design services. Whether you need a website update or a brand new one created, we handle it all. Our SEO services are designed for both local and broader ranking. If you want to rank locally, or you want to be seen across the country we have the formula for both. If you need instant leads and conversions and don't want to wait for SEO, paid advertisement management is another service we offer. We agree on a budget and then have our team manage the advertisement campaigns for a specific duration of time. Essentially, our company wants to provide you with the most business possible, whether it's through SEO, paid ads, or other marketing tactics. If you are looking for a better online presence, contact us today!


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The new website was exactly what I needed. The previous web designer I used did not give quality content

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My company was new to the roofing industry and needed SEO help. This team not only gave me a

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